We affirm that we are the sole Agent/Supplier of masunaga 'Stavol' Voltage Regulator Stabilizers in Nigeria. Which is manufactured by MATSUNAGA MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF JAPAN. This has been in existence from 1979 to date and enjoys all rights and priviledges by way of technical support existing between the Agent and the Manufacturers.

During this period, the product has undergone several re-modifications to handle the various degrees of power fluctuation/outages peculiar to Nigeria. As a result, we have recorded 100% user satisfication feed-back. This fact has enhanced great trust in the product by our numerous clients.

Our stock covers a wide range of models suitable for a large spectrum of applications. 'Stavol' Stabilizers are extremely useful for protecting the supply of voltage to most kind of mains equipment. Examples are; Copiers, Printing Press, Air Conditioning Equipment (both individual units and centralized system), Telepromoters, Facsimile Machines, TV Studio and Transmission, Computer, Office Machines and all forms of domestic and Industrial Equipment.

When considering the purchase of a Stabilizer, we would like you to keep in mind the following points regarding the 'Stavol' (three phase range):

All models will tolerate input voltage variation of between150 to 250 volts and give a stable 0.+3% output at 230(400) volts.

All models are unaffected by frequency variations in the mains supply.

The response speed of all models is more than adequate to cope with abnormal changes in the mains supply volts.

'Stavol' Stabilizers are designed for use under tropical conditions.

We offer after Sales Services by well trained staff and keep a large stock of spare parts

However, where STAVOL is over loaded beyond its stated capacity, the circuit-breaker or fuse will automatically disconnect the output. This is the protective system built into the product and we have no record of failure. We are able to offer 'Stavol' Stabilizers in the following ranges; single phase 1KVA-20KVA, and three phase, 10KVA-3000KVA. Outside of these ranges, we offer Stabilizers for higher capacities or unusual voltage on special order.